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Our Work

We take pride in our wide-ranging portfolio of advertising and marketing solutions that extend across a multitude of industries.


From the dynamic realms of FinTech and Realty to the vibrant sectors of FMCG, Energy, Transport, Social Welfare, Electronics, Publishing, and more, our tailored strategies and creative excellence are at the heart of every success story.

Commodity to Brand

Tufropes, India's foremost ropes and nets manufacturer, entrusted us with their diverse needs.


From expertly managing their social media presence to crafting B2B print ads and creating captivating explainer videos, we simplified complex concepts across 10 languages, ensuring seamless communication with their extensive national distribution network.

Building a Community

Indiafilings harnesses the influence of social media to empower startup founders, entrepreneurs, and India's thriving small business sector with invaluable insights into compliance laws, GST, taxation, and convoluted business terminology.


Our expertise lies in simplifying intricate information into bite-sized, easily digestible content. As industry leaders, they have fostered a dedicated community that highly values these updates and the educational efforts.

Brand and marketing literature for Hamilton Electronics, Qatar.

Helped an indigenous renewable energy brand was able to carve its position in the market and build a network of 700+ fuel stations across 10 states of India.

Brand Strategy and Digital Communication solutions for a leading housing solution group from Canada

Solving Marketing Challenges

Harmony Foundation - A brand that

celebrates humanity, stories of survivors and social heroes.

India's leading artisanal Sweets and Namkeen brand that celebrates spreading joy through food.

Project 03

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